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At Elite recording Studio we take pride in our work and only offer the highest quality mixing and mastering service that can only be obtained with years of experience and hundreds of hours working specifically on mixing and mastering.

Below is a brief description of the different processes that are involved in creating a track ready for distribution. 

Please be aware that when you book a recording session there is not enough time to master track as this requires listening to the mixed track at different outlets to optimize sound translation on all playback systems


Audio mixing is the process of taking all the recorded stems and blending the together. This involves using dynamic processing and effects. 

Subtractive EQ and Additive EQ is the first process before adding compression, reverb and delay, stereo imaging and de-esser.

All this is done to bring all the layers together finding space for each within the dynamic spectrum bringing the best out of your recordings adjusting levels, panning effects.  

Post Production: Beat chops, removing sections, additional composition (adding in other elements to the beat), vocal stuttering and sound effects are done at his stage.


The entire recording process this is the most essential and one of the easiest to get right, given time and repetition. 
When we are recording, there needs to be a strong signal with headroom to allow compression to smooth out the peaks. Anywhere between -8 to -10db is perfect. Multiple takes are recorded and listened back in order to ensure we have the best possible take.

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Mastering a form of audio post production and is the process of increasing the perceived loudness and clarity of a mix. 
Mastering prepares a song, EP, or album for release. 
Mastering requires critical listening, results depend upon the intent of the engineer, the skills of the engineer, the accuracy of the speaker monitors, and the listening environment, which is why we recommend listening to your mastered track in different outlets (e.g. car, stereo, Bluetooth speaker, headphones etc). 
EQ, compression, limiting, stereo imaging and tape/ analogue distortion are most commonly used in order to optimize sound translation on all playback systems. The aim is to bring out the transients and bottom-end within the mix with squashing the entirety of the mix.

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